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DotNetPanel® - The Hosting Management Portal

DotNetPanel is unique feature-rich solution (web hosting control panel) for simplifying Windows hosting management operations. It manages multiple servers, has robust, scalable and secure architecture, it's very simple in use. Moreover, DotNetPanel is a partial open source project!

DotNetPanel Benefits

Ease of Use
The installation process is quick and easy. You don't need to spend days to make your control panel working for you! Sleek, consistent and feature-rich user interface will suite even the most demanding customers.

DotNetPanel comprises the most advanced security solutions like asymmetric cryptography, Web Services messages signing and processes isolation. You can use X.509 certificates to make the inter-servers communication even more secure!

DotNetPanel is a truly distributed n-tier application. For communication between portal and controlling servers it uses SOAP Web Services over HTTP passing through any firewall or network.

The real quality of a product is its ultimate support. We provide support by live chat, e-mail, skype. Our support is enthusiastic, self-started and responsible. 

DotNetPanel has the most attractive prices on today's market of Windows hosting solutions. 
DotNetPanel Facts

DotNetPark Ltd. delivers the first-class management solutions for Windows web hosting businesses of any size since 2003!

DotNetPanel has been successfully used at DotNetPark Web Hosting since April, 2005. Currently, DotNetPanel manages more than 10000 web sites and dozens of dedicated servers.

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